Casting Process Part A
After The Parts Of The Mold Were Printed In 3D Printer , They Were Arranged Together
On a Double Surface To Proceed To The Silicone Casting .
Casting Process Part B
Pour Silicone Into The Mold And Wait 12 Hours, Then Remove The 3D Printed Model From The Silicone. And Pour The Material In, Wait About 8 Hours And The Model Is Ready For The Finishing Touches .
Purchase Of The Items Is Available On Instagram Using The Link Below

A Bazan Planter
Wave Vase
Planter Books Ends ​​​​​​​
Planter Stand + Toothpicks
Scent Diffuser
Planter​​​​​​​ Stand + Tray
Smiley Stand + Writing Tools
undefinedSmiley Stand + Writing Tools
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